Bulldog Swimming had a busy weekend.  We participated it the Blue Devil Invitational at the BLATT on the USC campus on Sunday.  Huge Shout out to Dianne Hartness who took time out of her busy, pre-homecoming week Sunday to show these ladies support!  They were all so happy to have you in the stands!  

Out of the 30 teams in attendance from all divisions, our 7 swimmers placed 11th over all in the Women's Division!

The bulldogs individually and in combined effort swam in 10 of 11 events and accomplished the following:

3 Automatic State Cut Time individual events, 

1 Automatic State Cut Time Relay event,

1 State Consideration Time relay, 

5 State Consideration Time individual events.  

Automatic times are guaranteed a spot in the Championship meet.  Consideration times fill the remaining 30 individual slots in individual events and 20 spots in relay events. We have 2 more opportunities to push these consideration times into the automatic field.  

Event Result Break Down

Event 1 - 200 Medley Relay (38 relays total competed)

7th place - Sami Curry, Jenna Burge, Kindel Jaeger, Kaley Burge - Automatic State Time -Dropping an additional 2 seconds this week to improve their over all state rank

Event 3 - 200 Freestyle (55 individuals competing)

46th place - Ellis Kemper - Dropping 2.14 seconds for her best time to date

Event 5 - 200 Individual Medley (46 individuals competing)

16th  Place - Kindel Jaeger - State Consideration Time

Event 7 - 50 Freestyle (140 swimmers swam this event... just to give a little perspective on the places)

8th Place - Kayley Burge - Automatic State Time -Dropping an additional 0.68 seconds this week to improve her over all state rank

39th Sami Curry - State Consideration Time

53rd Place - Kamara Goodman - State Consideration Time dropping an additional second from Wednesday - Best time to date!

83rd  Place - Kaylen Wofford - 1.74 second drop - Best time to date

Event 9 - 100 Butterfly (43 swimmers)

10th Place - Kaley Burge - Automatic State Time best time this season

12th Place - Jenna Burge - State Consideration Time

Event 11 - 100 Freestyle (116 swimmers)

22nd Place - Kindel Jaeger - Fastest swim this season

56th Place - Kamara Goodman - dropping 3.23 seconds for her best time to date

61st Place  - Kaylen Wofford 

Event 15 - 200 Freestyle Relay - (39 teams)

8th Place - State Consideration Time FASTESTS time all season! and only 2 seconds from AUTO- Jenna Burge, Sami Curry, Kindel Jaeger, and Kaley Burge

Event 17 - 100 Backstroke (67 swimmers)

11th Place - Sami Curry - State Consideration Time dropping 2 seconds for her best time this season.  She's only abut 1.5 seconds from that AUTO time!

Event 19 - 100 Breaststroke 

7th Place - Jenna Burge - Automatic State Cut TIme

54th Place - Ellis Kemper - dropping 0.53 seconds for her best time to date!

Our Next Meet is @6 PM this Wednesday at the Hammond Hill Suburban Club in North Augusta.  If you are in the area stop by and support us!