Grades 9-11 Device Turn In

NHS Underclassmen Device Turn In

All students in Grades 9-11 are to return their laptop and charger to their 4th Block teacher on Monday, May 23rd.  Laptops will be available for use during the school day only.

Students with Career Center last block will turn in their device and charger to the library by the deadline of May 27, 2022 at 3:30 PM.  NCCC last block students can turn devices in early to the library if they do not need them for an exam. 

After deadline: Charges will be recorded by the bookkeeper to the student's account in accordance with current prices provided by the NCSD Technology Department.

  • Laptop $583

  • Charger $65

  • Case- Laptop cases are to be stored at home.  The school has a limited supply of cases and will only be offered to students new to NHS.

Students may be invoiced for any other damages after returning the devices. 

Middle College/SC Virtual students will need to come to the library on May 26, 27, 31 or June 1 from the hours of 8:00- 3:30 to check out a device and charger for the summer. 

 Questions?  Please contact the school at 321-2621.