On March 17, 2022 students from NHS and Newberry Middle, traveled to Lexington High School to perform at Concert Performance Assessment. This was the culmination of several months of preparation and practice. Students performed, practiced, and sight-read pieces for a panel of judges and scored an Excellent Rating. Students can be scored overall I-V (I being the highest) and our students received a II! Please join me in congratulating these students on a job well done!

In addition, we would like to say a special thank you to Dillon Pelton for driving us safely there and back, our chaperones for taking care of our students, and our faculty and administration for all their support.

Below is a list of students from NHS that participated. If you see them, PLEASE congratulate them on an outstanding performance!

Alanna Bowers

Makayla Broach

Saniyah Chapman

Knuryia Cromer

Kayden Davis

Zoe Dominick

Lorenzo Espinoza-Perez

Kattie Gamez

Thania Gomez-Ramos

Kaden Greene

Perla Hernandez Lozano

Jasmin Hyler

Zyderia Jones

Makari Lindler

Abigail Lopez

Yoslin Lopez-Perez

Yiddisha Lyles

William McDonald

Frederick Pannier

Raliene Pitts

Bryson Savage

Courtney Scurry

Stephanie Sebastian Pedro

Bre’Asia Suber

Ty Thurber

Axel Trejo-Salgado

Alyssa Ward

Rod’Kwon Wolfe

Tyler Wright