Swim Team Recap

We continued with our swim season last night with competition against
Mid-Carolina, Strom Thurmond, Midland Valley, Aiken, and South Aiken. 
 We beat ALL the other female teams (they did not do combined scores, so
I don't know if we did it again?!)  In this meet our girls swam:
2 Automatic State Cut Time individual events, 
1 Automatic State Cut Time relay, 
1 State Consideration Time relay, and 
5 State Consideration Time individual events.  
addition to this we had several swimmers swim their best times in
individual events and relay splits.  All around this was a great meet
and we are looking to our next road meet next week against North
Augusta, Mid-Carolina Midland Valley, and South Aiken.   

Event Result Break Down
Event 1 - 200 Medley Relay (dropping 4 seconds to go from consideration to automatic!)
2nd place - Sami Curry, Jenna Burge, Kaley Burge, Emily Allen - Automatic State Cut Time

Event 3 - 200 Freestyle
2nd place - Kaley Burge - State Consideration Time
6th place - Mafra Kemper

Event 5 - 200 Individual Medley
3rd place - Sami Curry - State Consideration Time

6th place - Kaylen Wofford

Event 7 - 50 Freestyle
1st place  - Jenna Burge - State Consideration Time
4th place - Kindel Jaeger - State Consideration Time
11th place - Ellis Kemper - BEST TIME to date
17th place - Kamara Goodman

Event 9 - 100 Butterfly
1st place - Kaley Burge - Automatic State Qualifying Time
4th  place - Emily Allen - BEST TIME to date

Event 11 - 100 Freestyle
4th place - Mafra Kemper
13th place - Kaylen Wofford

Event 13 - 500 Freestyle
1st place - Kindel Jaeger - State Consideration Time

Event 15 - 200 Freestyle Relay (dropping 12 seconds from last week to make a state cut time)
place - Emily Allen, Jenna Burge, Kindel Jaeger (who got very little
rest from the 500 freestyle event before this one), and Kaley Burge
3rd place - Ellis Kemper, Kamara Goodman, Kaylen Wofford, Mafra Kemper

Event 17 - 100 Backstroke
3rd place - Sami Curry - State Consideration Time
8th place - Kamara Goodman 

Event 19 - 100 Breaststroke 
2nd place - Jenna Burge - Automatic State Qualifying Time
6th place - Emily Allen
8th place - Ellis Kemper - BEST TIME to date

Event 21- 400 Freestyle Relay
2nd place - Kindel Jaeger, Kaylen Wofford, Ellis Kemper, Sami Curry

Our Next Home Meet is September 8th against Ridgeview, WJ Keenan, Strom
Thurmond, Palmetto Christian Academy-Greenwood, Emerald, Greenwood,
Mid-Carolina, and Fox Creek. We would love to see you all there!