• Clever- Sign into Clever to sign in to all your school logins!  Google, Destiny, Schoology to just name a few examples.  One login and done.
  • Quizlet- A convenient way to find, create, and review digital flashcards, which have all the advantages and disadvantages of paper flashcards. There is also an app available but it is not as user friendly as the website.
  • Learning Express Library- A database available to residents of SC through DISCUS.  Use this website for test prep (ASVAB, SAT, ACT, AP courses) as well as for many school subjects (Science, Math, English, Social Studies).  Spanish materials and test prep is available as well.   Create a free account and get started today!  Make sure you always enter LEL through Discus, because googling LEL will not bring you to the correct sign in page.
  • Lifehacker- This UK website aims to help its users out with life in the modern world. Popular tags include ‘Productivity’, ‘Money’ and ‘DIY’.
  • KeepMeOut.com If you struggle to stay away from social media when you’re meant to be studying, use KeepMeOut to block certain distracting websites.
  • Gutenberg.org Project Gutenberg provides free online access to texts whose copyright has expired; so far, it’s digitized more than 56,000 texts. So if you left your book at home, check out this site to see if it is available for free online.


  • Outlook- Stay connected to your school email!   Please, download the Outlook app (free) to your smartphone. It makes it so easy to click on your school e-mail. You should be checking your e-mail every day.
  • Google Classroom- Check what assignments are due or turn in your assignment from your device!
  • Google Translate- you can place your smartphone over any text (letter, sign, etc.) and it will translate it to the language you would like to read it in.
  • Duolingo- Easy app to use to learn a new language!