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Lab and Laptop Requests

Computer LabsAll teachers must submit the NHS Computer Lab Request Form, which is two pages and includes a seating chart, at least five school days before the computer lab is needed.  Please remember to report to the library any changes in seating assignments and any computers/monitors that are not functioning.  Please read the Computer Lab Norms before requesting a lab, directions for submission are listed there.

Laptop Carts

All teachers must submit the NHS Computer Laptop Request Form at least five school days before the comptuer cart is needed.  Please remember to record which student uses which laptop in the notebook every class the cart is used and report any laptops that are not functioning.  Laptop Carts are to be returned to the library by the end of each school day.  Please read the Laptop Cart Norms before requesting a laptop cart.  Directions for submission are listed on there.

Please read the lab and laptop cart norms before you submit a request:

Computer Lab Norms- opens in Google Docs

Laptop Cart Norms-opens in Google Docs

Please download and save the Laptop Request or Lab Request Form.  The request will need to be saved as a new file on your device in order to edit the form.  Send the completed form to Laura Bouknight and Janet Ward.

Laptop/iPad Request

Lab Request

Library (30)- View Schedule

Cart 5 (30)- View Schedule    Cart 6 (30)- View Schedule  Cart 7 (30)- View Schedule

Cart 8 (30)- View Schedule    Cart 9 (14)- View Schedule

Library Equipment

Teachers may check out the following resources, for a limited time:

  • eBooks and print books
  • Magazines
  • Professional (Teacher) Books
  • Spanish Books, Nonfiction and Fiction
  • iPads (must be returned to library each day)
  • Dell Tablets
  • Clicker sets
  • CD Listening Centers
  • Kindles