Cannon, Kyle Principal
Johnson, Lawanda Assistant Principal
Finley, Amanda Assistant Principal
Baskett, Brandon Director of Freshman Academy

Bickley, Norma English
Bouknight, Laura Library Media Specialist
Cardenas, Darwin Spanish Teacher
Cary, April School Counselor; (N - Z)
Cary, Chad Athletic Director, P.E., Human Growth
Caughman, Huger Math
Clary, Julie Social Studies
Cole, Lee Anne Art
Collins, Hannah Chorus
Cotney, Julia Freshman Academy Science
Cromer, Cornelius Science
Dooley, Adriana English
Eachues, Thomas Fitness, Team Sports / Asst. Football, Strength and Conditioning
Faile, Hannah Special Education
Fox, Laura Science
Freeman, Willie JROTC
Furie, Jennifer Science
Green, Ashlie Special Services
Griffin, Walter Business Ed. Teacher
Hall, Allison English Teacher
Harmon, Taylor Math
Hartness, Dianne English, Literacy Coach
Heisler, Larry JROTC
Hinton, Carie Special Education
Hoyle, Lee Special Education
Hughes, Michael Social Studies / JV Boys' Basketball
Jeter, Cedrick Social Studies
Lee, Lucy ESOL
Liptak, Emily Math
McDuffie, Leslie Science
Mills, Hubert US History
Mooneyham, Hal English
Moseley, Merritt Social Studies
O'Dell, Mary English
Odom, Tracey Special Services
Palmer, Christian Math
Redd, Brian Social Studies / JV Football Coach
Reed, Rachel Social Studies
Sarver, Amy Special Education
Smith, Lea English / Yearbook Coordinator
Strickland, Phil Head Football Coach
Trammell, Meagan English
Wessinger, James Science

Boozer, Art Attendance
Brehmer, Jeannie Power School Data Entry
Davis, Mem Principal's Secretary
Dudley, Pamela Instructional Assistant/ JV Girls' Basketball Coach
Epps, Janice instructional assistant
Lake, Jennifer School Counselor (A-Gallman), FCA Faculty Advisor
Merchant, Marilyn Instructional Assistant
Ruff, Michele Instructional Assistant
Senn, Natalie Receptionist
Sligh, Mary Bookkeeper
Ward, Janet Library Media Specialist Assistant