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Beta Club


Let Us Lead by Serving Others


Stay in touch!  Sign up for the 2018-19 Remind 101 reminder service by texting @betatastic to the number 81010. 

Summer Service Hours!!!

Remember, you can count up to 5 hours from your summer volunteer work towards your required 15.  Please download the new 2018-19 Service Hour Sheet to begin!

Other files include:
Meeting Agendas

Hour Sheets
2018 SC Convention Handbook 

Upcoming Service Projects
Have an idea for a Spring Project?  See Ms. Hall or Mr. Mooneyham!
Ideas we are currently considering are: hosting a carwash, helping with a prom with the local disability board, creating spring gift bags for nursing home residents, and helping with the Spring Market hosted at NHS.


Beta Club

Welcome to a new year with Beta!


Requirements for this year:

·         To be invited, you had to have a 3.875 GPA

·         To remain a member, you must have a 3.75

·         You must attend 7 of the 9 scheduled meetings

·         You must turn in 15 service hours


Dates for this year:


October 24: Meeting- 3:30 in auditorium

       *First deposit for trip due ($50.00) along with health forms and permission slip


November 9*:  New Members Induction Ceremony

November 28: Meeting- 3:30 in auditorium

         *Second payment for trip due ($50.00)


December 19: Meeting- 3:30 in auditorium


January 23: Meeting- 3:30 in auditorium

                   *Final payment ($60.00)


February 9-11: Beta Club Convention in Myrtle Beach

February 20: Meeting- 3:30 in auditorium


March 27: Meeting- 3:30 in auditorium


April 24: Meeting- 3:30 in auditorium


May 15: Meeting- 3:30 in auditorium

May 18: Last day to turn in service hours




What are service hours?

As a Beta Club member who tries to "lead by serving others," students are required to complete service hours.  A student must document and turn in fifteen (15) points by May 18th, 2017, to be considered an active member.

How do I get service hours?

By participating in service projects or completing service hours inside school and in the community. 

How do I document service hours?

To receive credit, a student must complete the Service Hours Form, which can be downloaded here or found outside room 108 in a folder.  Hours must be for an uncompensated activity, and cannot be used for another organization (i.e. National Honor Society or Service Learning).