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Beta Club


Let Us Lead by Serving Others

Stay in touch!  Sign up for the 2018-19 Remind 101 reminder service by texting @betatastic to the number 81010. 

Summer Service Hours!!!

Remember, you can count up to 5 hours from your summer volunteer work towards your required 15.  Please download the new 2018-19 Service Hour Sheet to begin!


Students received a newsletter August 30-31, 2018, which explained several things about the year, and thier current standing with the club.  If they were being put on probation, they received a separate letter explaining why they are on probation, and how to rectify the situation.  If you would like to view a generic copy of these letters, please follow the "FILE" link to the letter you'd like to see.


Interested in going to the State Convention?

Follow this link for forms and academic test prep:


When: February 8-10, 2019 (will miss one day of school)


Where: Hilton Conference Center (10,000 Beach Club Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572)


Cost: $160


Payment plan:
     1st Payment: October 5, $50 (non-refundable deposit)
     2nd Payment: November 30, $50
     3rd Payment: January 25, $60


What’s included: Transportation, room, meals except for Sunday lunch, and a T-shirt

For more information, either see Ms. Hall, or look in the "State Convention Items" file for the informational packet.



Welcome to a new year with Beta!


Requirements for this year:

·         To be invited, you had to have a 3.875 GPA

·         To remain a member, you must have a 3.75

·         You must attend 7 of the 9 scheduled meetings (September-May)

·         You must turn in 15 service hours by May 17th


Dates for this year:

August 30th, September 27th, October 25th, November 29th, December 13th*, January 24th, February 21st, March 28th, April 25th, May 16* (*Dates that are not the last Thursday)

When and where meeting are:

Meetings are on the last Thursday of the month during FLEX time (8:00-8:30), in the auditorium.  If a student cannot make that meeting, there is always a make-up meeting the next morning (Friday), in Ms. Hall's room, room 108.  Students can miss up to two meetings starting with the September 27th meeting. 


Probation Re-installation Requirements:

Missing Service Hours

*Complete the remaining service hours, so that the total is 15
*Make-up service hours are due December 21st (This is the last day before winter break.)
*Submit an essay in which the student explains: Why he/she did not complete the service hours last year; how he/she plans to complete them this year, with three specific ways; and three service ideas that could be done this year that the club has not done before.
*Note: The student is still responsible for the 15 service hours required for the 2018-19 school year.


*Bring the GPA up to 3.75 at the end of the semester (this will include the Semester 1 average)

Please see Ms. Hall if there is a question or concern with the probation procedures.




What are service hours?

As a Beta Club member who tries to "lead by serving others," students are required to complete service hours.  A student must document and turn in fifteen (15) points by May 17th, 2019, to be considered an active member.

How do I get service hours?

By participating in service projects or completing service hours inside school and in the community. 

How do I document service hours?

To receive credit, a student must complete the Service Hours Form, which can be downloaded here or found outside room 108.  Hours must be for an uncompensated activity, and cannot be used for another organization (i.e. National Honor Society or Service Learning).