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Mrs. Bouknight, School Librarian
Mrs. Bouknight, School Librarian

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Library Resources

  • Print resources: Over 9,000 Books, 23 Magazine Subscriptions and The State Newspaper, The Observer and USA Today
  • Electronic: DISCUS access; eBooks and audiobooks.
  • Equipment: Printer (black and white), flatbed scanner

Library Information

  How many books can be checked out at a time?

  • 4 Books, without library fees

 Where do I get a library pass?

  •   No pass is needed before or after school. 
  •  Visits during the school day require passes. 
  •  During class - A written pass is required.
  • Incomplete information on a pass (name, time left, purpose, teacher signature) may result in a student being returned to class.
  • All visiting students from classes must sign in upon arrival. Failure to do so can result in a student being sent back.
  • After checking in at the desk and showing a pass, students are to SIGN IN. There is a computer available for you to sign in on.  

  Where can I sit in the library?

  •  One person per chair
  • No more than four people at a table

  • WITH CLASSES: sit in the designated area chosen by the teacher and/or library staff

 Can I use the computers?

  •  Check with the library staff for assigned computers.  You will have to check out a computer card at the desk first.


  Can I have my water bottle in the library?

  •  No food or drinks of any kind are allowed in the library.  
  • Students who have these items must leave them in the classroom or have them properly stowed away in book bags.  
  • Students with food or drink containers that cannot be stowed away will be asked to leave the library and finish the food or drink in the cafeteria.  


Reading Celebration FAQ's

Q-Where do I get a reading log?

A-There is no official reading log.  You simply write down the authors and titles of the books you read.

Q- How do you know if we really read the books?

A- You will be turning it in to your English teacher.  It is up to their discretion to decide if you should be rewarded or not.  They know your reading habits!  

Q- My teacher didn't ask for my log.  Can I get added onto the list?

A- No, if you didn't turn it in on time, you will not be added on the list.  We announced the deadline on the news, I sent an email out to all of the students, and we publicized the deadline on the school website.  Your English teacher is not responsible for telling you to turn it in.